How To Reduce The Effects Of Testosterone Lowering With Age

31 Dec

It is a simple fact that as men grow older, their levels of free natural testosterone will begin decreasing. While this is normal, it is also something that can be slowed down.

The negative effects of low testosterone can be pretty depressing.

Low libido, lack of energy, low stamina and even a decrease in lean muscle mass all can contribute to a lack of self esteem and a general feeling of sadness.

But if men take action and work to reduce the decline in testosterone, they will regain many of the feelings, and benefits they had before getting low T.

Some things men can do to reduce the decline of testosterone, and in many cases even boost it are the following:

1. Get more sleep. Yup, sleeping more helps the body maintain a normal hormone balance. Read more about how sleep helps maintain hormone balance:

2. Get more exercise. Exercise releases natural chemicals in the body, one of which is responsible for the production of testosterone. Plus, exercising in general will make you happy. Read more about that here:

3. Reduce tobacco and alcohol usage. Both of these unhealthy habits can result in long term health effects, including low testosterone. So stop using these, or work on reducing how much is consumed.

4. Start eating healthy. Healthy food helps the body with the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy hormone levels.

5. Supplement the diet. Supplement an already healthy diet with herbs, vitamins and minerals that are known to increase libido, energy levels and help restore natural testosterone levels.

So that’s it. Start doing the five things mentioned above for a month or two to see dramatic increases in energy, stamina, muscle mass and even libido.

It really is that simple.